Friday, October 27, 6 pm: We taste 6 rose’

It’s getting winter and we have still some Rosati in the cellar. We counted 6 types and decided to make a comparative tasting. The tasting is open, No registration needed. Just call 3665010443. Contribution:15 Euros.

We will taste

Terre San Nicola Di FIlippo 14%2021
RosatSanta Croce12.5%2022
Antheia      Brizziarelli15%2021
MartavelloDucac della Corgna12.52022
RosadoVilla Bucher13.5%2022

They are all Umbria IGT, but very different among them, soo the tasting willl also try to characterize these wines. For some we know the grape variety, for others no. See you next Fridayat 6 pm.

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