Tasting Events

We organize wine tastings at our premises in Perugia or at your place

The mission:

Offering you fascinating wines and their stories. There are more than 500 different “vigneti” in Italy, with at least 30 in Umbria alone. With us, you can have a taste of many of them, alongside whimsical food pairings that add more fun to the wines and to your experience. Knowing more about what you are drinking enhances the joy.

The tastings

We offer small events from 1 to 8 participants, but we cater also for big ones, if we are asked for, weddings i.e. Inour tastings we provide you with a more exclusive and personal wine experience. We think it is important to focus on having fun as much as on a “professional tasting”. No one will be scandalized if you drink the wine it and do not spit it out :-). We encourage you to fully enjoy the wines you like. You can end the day taking your favorite tasted wines with you for little money.

We can tailor the tasting to your wishes.

  • If you want a specific winery – you get it. 
  • if you want a vertical tasting of a specific wine through the years – we will make it happen. 
  • If you want a horizontal tasting of a wine from different producers, no problem.
  • If you don’t know how to pair your favorite dish with wine, we will find the right pairings together.

The cost varies, depending on what wines interest you. (If your interest is in a vertical Brunello tasting please be prepared, this is a luxurious event, priced accordingly).   We attach some proposals to inspire your fantasy.

About us:

Your hosts are Nixy and Giovanni. Nixy is a Chinese Wine Journalist, who fell in love with Italy at the first drop of Sagrantino and has settled down in Perugia to be near to the Sagrantino. Giovanni is a German Biochemist who immigrated to Italy in 1987, worked for 30 years in agricultural consulting, and is now assisting Nixy in the organnization of tastings,

Nixy and Giovanni are both WSET certified (Level 3), and food and wine is their passion.

We organize tasting events in Italian, English, German or Chinese, or in any mix of these languages to suit your group.

You must prepare your taste buds, nothing more.


For our standard tastings (5 wines, 90 minutes, with homemade breadsticksi), the price is 35 Euros. Minimum participation is 2 (a single participant would pay for two), maximum participation is 8. The remaining bottles will be auctioned after the tasting.

Get your tasting!

Just phone or drop an email to Nixy or Giovanni

Nixy: Nixywangchun@gmail.com, 3459371955

Giovanni: Johannes.keizer@gmail.com 3665010443

Our tasting menu